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There is no charge to be listed on this website. It is a compilation of material I assembled over a decade of writing four editions of Moon Handbooks: Tennessee as well as new information I add almost every day.

Like Blanche DuBois, I depend on the kindness of strangersópeople who keep me posted on new places to see and things to do in this wonderful state. I invite your suggestions, corrections, and encouragementóand your photos. I will never sell your email address or spam you.


I always want to hear about good places to visit or things to see. I want to hear about something that is open for the public on a regular basis, not your Uncle Budís model train collection.

I am particularly interested in places that often do not get listed in tourist brochures: country stores that still slice baloney to make sandwiches, mills that make grits and flour sold locally, regular gatherings of people who make music, good restaurants, interesting shops, and people who make knives. Get the picture?

Donít send me anything about franchise restaurants; chain hotels; timeshares, land offers, condos, or real estate in any form; beauty pageants; livestock shows; political gatherings; craft shows where people make lamps out of egg cartons; flea markets; or junkyards. Ixnay the retirement homes, gated communities, and wedding chapels.

The best use of your time and mine is to send me an email suggesting a place. If I want more information, Iíll get back to you.


I need pictures for this site. I need photos to which you have the rightsódonít steal them from some other site and offer them to me. I can give you or your organization a photo credit, but I cannot pay for photos. As above, the best idea is to write me and let me know what you have.


If youíve been to a place I mention on this site and have something to add to my description of it, send me your thoughts. If you think a place is good or bad, tell me why you think so. Make it interesting and keep it brief and I will add your remarks to that page. Tell me who you are and how to reach you. If I add your comments to the site, I will identify you as "Joe D., Memphis," or "Sybil W., Pulaski." I will not list your email address.

Hundreds of people over the years helped make Moon Handbooks: Tennessee a great book. I hope that even more will contribute to Tennessee Guy.

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