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This website is a highly biased source of cultural and heritage information for travelers in Tennessee. It delights in slugburgers, a church that looks like an Egyptian temple, and the guy who makes works of art out of five-gallon plastic buckets. Itís full of travel tips as well as stories the Chamber of Commerce doesnít want to talk about.

This site began by dumping the contents of my book, Moon Handbooks: Tennessee, onto the web. I wrote four editions of that book, but was never able to get all that I wanted to tell into a mere 500 pages. I now add new material every week, and welcome comments, photos, and ideas from visitors.

"I offer no apologies for any departures from the usual style of travel writing that may be charged against meófor I think I have seen with impartial eyes, and I am sure I have written at least honestly, whether wisely or not." óMark Twain, The Innocents Abroad

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